Repairing a fire hydrant in Camden, NJ

Leaking Fire Hydrant at the Post Office We were contacted by a plumber confronted with the task of replacing a leaking fire hydrant at the Camden Post Office. As we started the excavation process to access the hydrant, our team made a discovery: not only was the hydrant leaking, but the shut-off valve responsible for […]

Septic Tank Replacement Flanders, NJ

We’ve been helping people with their Septic Tank Replacement for 25 years and we can help you too. We were contacted by a homeowner that had a failing septic in Mt. Olive, NJ.  We brought out our engineer and met with the town health department and dug test pits to determine the quality of the […]

Septic Removal Long Valley, NJ

Septic Removal Long Valley NJ

We were contracted by a Long Valley home owner that was in the process of selling their home because the home inspector for the purchaser failed the septic system.   We brought in our engineer and dug soil tests which were used to create a new system design along with other mitigating factors such as the location […]

Sewer line repair Pennington NJ

We received a service request from a Pennington, NJ business dealing with a damaged sewer line. Our team promptly mobilized, equipped with the necessary tools and gear. We excavated the site, pinpointed the issue within the sewer line, and our skilled plumber executed the required repairs. Afterward, we carefully refilled the area with proper compaction, […]

Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

Walmart Gift Card Giveaway Stewart Builders and Environmental Remediation is deeply committed to contributing positively to the community it serves. In keeping with our mission to make a meaningful impact, we recently extended a helping hand during the holiday season. We were thrilled to give away $400 worth of gift cards to strangers in our […]

Septic System Repair Blairstown NJ

We received a request from a mortgage company assisting a home buyer utilizing a 203k construction loan for a property purchase. The septic inspector hired by the mortgage company identified a crack in the tank and deterioration in the distribution box (D-box), necessitating replacements. The initial inspection was conducted by a company not authorized for […]

Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway

FREE SHOPRITE THANKSGIVING DINNER WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS Winners Announced Stewart Builders and Stewart Environmental Remediation loves to give back to the community.  We ran a Shop-rite fully cooked Thanksgiving dinner giveaway with all the trimmings to two lucky winners. The two winners were randomly chosen Friday morning 11/17 at 10 AM.  Thank you to […]

Section Finals Tickets

WINNERS ANNOUNCED Congratulations to Yani Rod, the winners of the Section Finals – North II, Group 4 – Mount Olive vs Roxbury Tickets. Stewart Builders and Stewart Environmental Remediation loves to give back to the community. Thank you to all who participated in the giveaway. Latest Work

Drainage System Sparta NJ

We installed a leader drain system to a seepage pit to collect the water from the roof.  In the final stages of a new home build on the shores of Lake Mohawk, we installed a leader drain system to a seepage pit to collect the water from the roof “impervious coverage” and seeped it back […]

Drainage system in Long Valley NJ

A homeowner contacted us to construct a steel pole barn for use as a detached garage requiring a solid drainage system to prevent water damage. In alignment with the engineer’s blueprint, our team dug a trench encircling the structure. We ensured the trench was carefully lined with durable filter fabric, serving as a defense against […]