Septic System Repair Blairstown NJ

We received a request from a mortgage company assisting a home buyer utilizing a 203k construction loan for a property purchase. The septic inspector hired by the mortgage company identified a crack in the tank and deterioration in the distribution box (D-box), necessitating replacements.

The initial inspection was conducted by a company not authorized for 203k loan properties, leading us to take on the project. Upon arriving at the property to address the tank and D-box, we discovered the absence of a D-box and field. Instead, there was only a trench with a single pipe leading from the existing tank to the property’s end, filled with stone.

What began as a straightforward repair evolved into a complete septic system replacement. Our civil engineer and the county health inspector conducted soil logs, using the results, well locations, septic information, and adjacent property lines to design the new septic system.

The county accepted the design with minor revisions, and the entire process, from design to permit approval, took just over a month. We excavated the area for the new field, introduced the required select fill (special sand for the bottom four feet), and added 18 inches of washed septic stone for the pipes and D-box. The field was covered with filter fabric and topped with 9-18 inches of topsoil.

At each stage, the county and engineer inspected the bed bottom, select fill, washed stone, and pipes. A final inspection occurred after we landscaped the yard, placing grass seed and laid hay to stabilize the area.

To manage excess soil from excavation, we spread it on-site, fortunately finding suitable areas identified by the homeowner. It’s alway important to engage a licensed contractor for septic repairs, ensuring the job is done correctly the first time with the necessary experience and expertise.

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