Water & Sewer Line

Repair & Replacement

Where does your water in the sink and toilet go? If you do not have a septic, it will leave your building and flow through the town's sanitary sewer system to a wastewater treatment facility. So, what happens if the water and sewer line breaks?

Know The Signs

A property owner often sees subtle signs of a broken or clogged water and sewer line. For example, perhaps you smell sewage; your drains are slow; there is a gurgling sound from the toilet, or your toilet bowl is empty. However, a more significant indicator may be sewage backing up in the toilet. As some of these signs are more subtle than others if you see any of them, it is critical to seek help; water or sewer line repair or replacement might be needed.

If not repaired or replaced, the result can be devastating. Your broken lines become part of a much bigger problem as water and sewage can back into the building, causing extreme structural damage. But are you aware of the potential health risks of sewage exposure?

Why Water and Sewer Lines Crack and Break

Water and sewer lines can crack and break for various reasons.

  • Lack of maintenance and routine use can pressure pipes, leading to clogs and cracking.
  • The roots of trees can infiltrate lines.
  • Seasonal weather changes and frigid freezing temperatures can crack pipes.
  • Ground settling.
  • Severe earth movement, such as earthquakes.
  • City sewer line backups.
  • The age of the water line and sewer system.

Why Choose Stewart Builders

As some cracked and broken water and sewer lines can be repaired, others may require a replacement.

At Stewart Builders, our water and sewer line repair and replacement team can accurately diagnose where the line is broken, determine why it failed and give you the best options for fixing the problem. For example, if tree roots have infiltrated the system, we excavate and clear the land. Our repair process may be more straightforward if the line has a small break. Therefore, the size and scope of the project is not a concern as we handle both small and large problems.

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