Our comprehensive demolition services dismantle, raze and destroy residential, commercial and industrial structures, bridges, roads and more.

Our Demolition Overview: The 3 Types

Demolition by Hand

Demolition using hand tools is used when close to other structures; therefore, being careful is vital. Most often, the building parts recovered, such as electrical wiring, ethernet cables and other valuable components, must be kept intact for future use.

Generally, this commercial project is done by hand, floor by floor, working on the top floor first. However, as this method has benefits, it is a slower and more costly process.

Demolition with Machinery

Most commercial projects use hydraulic excavators, cranes and wrecking balls. This type of machinery enables the project to go quicker than by hand and is more cost-effective.

As a result, an entire building can be demolished quickly; however, there are potential hazards with using large, heavy equipment, so hiring the right company for your project is vital. For example, flying debris can harm surrounding structures, and a quick unintentional building collapse can happen.

At Stewart Builders, our team of contractors is well-versed and trained in handling these types of equipment. In addition, their training and experience in how to demolish a structure is at a high level.

In addition, we ensure the correct documents are in place before beginning any project.

By Implosion or Explosion

Explosives are used to bring down multi-story structures quickly; however, extreme care must be taken with this demolition method. This method is used when significant dangerous conditions and hazards threaten the health of the surrounding communities.

Why Choose Stewart Builders

As all situations differ, Stewart Builders understands the importance of demolition and using the correct method. In addition, time is typically a significant factor in all projects.

When choosing Stewart Builders, you can rest assured knowing that you will be working with commercial contractor experts with the dedicated resources to complete the job efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want the best team working on your project. We are here to knock it down quickly, safely and efficiently.


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