Septic Removal Long Valley, NJ

We were contracted by a Long Valley home owner that was in the process of selling their home because the home inspector for the purchaser failed the septic system.  
We brought in our engineer and dug soil tests which were used to create a new system design along with other mitigating factors such as the location of the well, and the neighbors well and septic locations.
Once the design was created by the engineer, it was submitted to the town for approval along with the permit applications.  After a couple of minor modifications the design was approved, we called in a  utility mark out and were able to start.
This was a gravity fed system, no electric or pumps needed.  The field was comprised of several feet deep of sand and topped by 2′ of washed septic stone in which the perforated pipes were installed.  The entire field was covered with filter fabric and covered with several inches of topsoil.
There was a new 1,500 gallon two compartment tank installed, the original tank was pumped out, crushed up and buried in place.
The final touches are to grade the topsoil and rake, hay and seed the disturbed area.
Every step of the way the township health department came out and inspected each phase of work and quality of the materials to make sure everything was done correctly.
A new septic is generally a fairly expensive proposition, often between $40k – $50k and can even run higher.  
You want to make sure you are hiring a contractor with the experience, knowledge and expertise to get the job done correctly, the first time. 
We’ve been installing septics since 1999, and we can help you too.  Call 973-670-6334 for more information about replacing your septic.

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