Septic Tank Replacement Flanders, NJ

We’ve been helping people with their Septic Tank Replacement for 25 years and we can help you too.

We were contacted by a homeowner that had a failing septic in Mt. Olive, NJ.  We brought out our engineer and met with the town health department and dug test pits to determine the quality of the soil which determines the design of the new septic.
When the engineer was done designing the new septic the plans were submitted to the town and after approvals, the construction began.
A utility mark out was called in and we moved the necessary equipment to the site and started digging the septic field.  A normal septic field for a 4 bedroom home is about 25′ x 50′ and typically 6′ deep. But that all depends upon the quality of the native soils.
The next step was to fill the bottom 4′ with select fill, septic sand which then gets topped by 12″ of washed stone.  When the stone is down, the distribution box is set and the pipes to the field are put together and checked for level which is 1″ of pitch for every 25′ lenghth of pipe in the field.  
The new septic tank was set and the pipe from the old tank was rerouted to the new tank and then to the distribution box.  That pipe is set with 1″ of pitch for every 4′ length of pipe.  
The field is then covered with 6″ more of stone on top of the pipes, the entire field is covered with overlapped filter fabric and then with 12-18″ of topsoil, graded and finally raked out, grass seed spread out and hay to cover.
A new septic is not a complicated process but you do want a contractor that has experience and expertise in building them.  We’ve been helping people with their septics for 25 years and we can help you too.
We’ve been installing septics since 1999, and we can help you too.  Call 973-670-6334 for more information about replacing your septic.

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