Drainage System Sparta NJ

In the final stages of a new home build on the shores of Lake Mohawk, we installed a leader drain system to a seepage pit to collect the water from the roof “impervious coverage” and seeped it back into the ground water supply instead of letting it run off.
It consisted of a trench with 4″ solid schedule 40 pvc pipe from the downspouts of the gutters to a seepage pit.  The seepage pit sat on a bed of clean stone surrounded by filter fabric and backfilled with clean stone all around.
It was then covered over with topsoil, all of the stones were raked out and grass seed and hay was placed.
A drainage plan is designed by an engineer, approved by the township and you always want to make sure you have a qualified contractor with the right licensing, insurance, experience, knowledge and expertise to perform the installation.

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