Drainage system in Long Valley NJ

A homeowner contacted us to construct a steel pole barn for use as a detached garage requiring a solid drainage system to prevent water damage. In alignment with the engineer’s blueprint, our team dug a trench encircling the structure. We ensured the trench was carefully lined with durable filter fabric, serving as a defense against soil contamination. Into this foundational trench, we placed roughly two feet of clean stone, creating an initial layer for water filtration.

The installation of a 6-inch Schedule 40 perforated PVC piping system was next, strategically positioned around the barn to intercept water efficiently. The pipes were equipped with vertical stubs, designed for a fluid integration with the building’s downspouts, and featured an accessible inspection port—a vital element for system upkeep.

Once the primary pipe network was laid out, we covered it with an additional layer of clean stone, forming a secondary filter. Over this, we carefully folded the edges of the filter fabric, enveloping the stones to safeguard against clogging agents. The trench was then gracefully concealed with topsoil, restoring the landscape’s natural appearance while ensuring the functionality of the subsurface drainage.

Creating an effective drainage system is a craft that requires precise execution. It’s not inherently complex, but it demands a trusted contractor with a wealth of knowledge, vast experience, and proven expertise. Our dedication to quality assures that every aspect of the job is handled with the utmost professionalism, from the initial excavation to the final touch of topsoil, ensuring the homeowner’s investment is protected from water-related concerns.

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