Drainage Repair in River Edge NJ

We were contacted by a building owner that has been having flooding issues in his parking lot since he purchased the building a few years ago in River Edge.  Every time there was even a light rain, water in the parking lot backing up from two catch basin grates, making it unpleasant for the employees and customers at the building to walk to walk outside any time it rained.
We had been initially asked to repair a hole in a pipe that was damaged during some construction work a few months earlier.  When we arrived at the site and dug up the area of concern we found there were multiple issues that were creating the flooding.  
Unable to fully resolve the issue in one day, we contacted the township engineer who provided a site drawing that they town had on file which had information regarding the design of the original drainage system and where the other end of the pipe might be.
Having some good information to go on from the town engineer, we went back to the site about a week later and found after a little digging and investigating that the pipe from the 2nd catch basin had been cut and dead ended into a trench drain that was no longer in use.  A little more digging found the other end of where the pipe exited, about 12′ away.  
These pipes were 12″ pipes and were designed to drain a significant amount of water so due to them being disconnected at some point just removed a pathway for the water to go and made it back up into the parking lot instead of draining.
Having discovered the root of the problem, we brought in new 12″ Schedule 40 PVC and the proper fittings to connect the pipes back together.  Once the pipes were reconnected, thrust blocks were put under the joints to keep them from moving and concrete was poured on top of the joints for additional structural reinforcement.  The excavation was backfilled and compacted in lifts to prepare it to be repaved.
The last thing that was done was to shovel out dirt and debris in the pipe that had backed up between the two catch basins as far as we could reach.
The next torrential rainstorm happened about a week after the job had been completed and we were very happy to get a text message from the building owner that the repair had worked perfectly and flooding was no longer an issue.
Drainage can be a complicated issue that requires a professional with experience and knowledge to resolve various types of issues.
We have been resolving difficult drainage issues since 1999 and welcome the opportunity to help you resolve yours.
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