Septic Tank Repair Andover NJ (Sussex County)

We received a request from a homeowner in Andover, NJ, who was dealing with an aging septic system that had become saturated and had started leaking down a steep slope on the side of their yard and also backing up.

Upon receiving the request, we promptly arranged a meeting with our engineer to assess the situation. Subsequently, we conducted test pits, and Sussex County authorities were present as witnesses. Our engineer designed the new septic system based on the results of the perc test, completed all the necessary application paperwork for county permits, and initiated the permit application process.

As the system required an electrical hookup for the new tank, we applied for an electrical permit from the township.

Once the permits were approved, we coordinated a utility mark-out request with NJ Call Before You Dig, and the project officially commenced. The project involved excavating a 25′ wide, 40′ long, and 8′ deep bed.

After completing the bed excavation and receiving approval from the engineer, we added 4′ of select fill sand to the bottom. Subsequent inspections were conducted before we proceeded to place 12″ of washed septic stone and carefully install 4″ perforated PVC laterals to ensure proper pitch from the distribution box (D-Box) to the field’s end, ensuring even liquid distribution.

Following the pipe inspection, we covered the pipes with the final 6″ of stone, placed filter fabric over the entire bed, and backfilled with topsoil ranging from 9-18″ in depth.

The entire area was meticulously raked, and was covered with hay and seed. We provided the homeowner with instructions to regularly water the area in the absence of sufficient rain to encourage grass growth.

The last step in the process involved submitting as-built designs to the health department. These designs were based on the actual construction and included any additional information

 requested from the County, such as warranty and maintenance details for the waste treatment tank and a copy of the electrical permit.

The installation of a septic system in New Jersey is a complex procedure that requires careful planning and professional execution. By adhering to local regulations and selecting the right contractor, you can ensure the establishment of a robust and efficient system. Always bear in mind that investing in a well-installed septic system initially will save you time, money, and future complications.

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