Concrete Pad for Shed Byram NJ

We received a request from a homeowner to create a sturdy foundation for a shed that was scheduled for delivery. Our team embarked on this project by first assessing the property’s condition. To ensure a stable base, we decided to remove several inches of soil from the designated shed area. This soil was carefully relocated to another part of the property, minimizing any disruption to the landscape.

For the shed’s foundation, we meticulously prepared the ground. We introduced a layer of 6 inches of high-quality ¾ clean stone to establish a solid and stable base. This preparation process is crucial to ensure the longevity and stability of the shed.

To construct the foundation, we employed 2″ x 6″ forms to define the area and provide structure for the pour. We used concrete with a strength of 4,000 psi, ensuring that it would withstand the weight and demands of the shed over time. The concrete pour was executed with precision, and we finished it with a broom texture, which not only enhances the appearance but also provides an anti-slip surface.

With the foundation now in place, the next exciting step is the delivery of the shed. The homeowner can be confident that their shed will have a solid and durable foundation, thanks to our meticulous work. We look forward to seeing the completed project and a happy homeowner enjoying their new outdoor space.

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